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Nell McAndrew Remembers Ford Fiesta Fun

Racy chick Nell McAndrew has admitted fewer speed cameras meant she was never nicked as a teenage driver.

The sexy Yorkshire rose, who also confessed to failing her driving test twice, said she used to use her car mainly to get to work.

Nell, 32, who was speaking at a photoshoot in Chelsea, west London, to mark the 30th anniversary of Ford's iconic Fiesta said the event brought fond memories of her Yorkshire upbringing flooding back.

The bubbly blonde said: "I used to drive a red Fiesta. It was my first car. I got it just after I turned 18. I just passed my licence on my third try, which makes me a better driver.

"I used to love driving to my job as a clerk at the Yorkshire Bank. That was a fun job.

"I did not crash my car once. I was a good teenage driver, but it helped there were less speed cameras then."

However she said she was never a reckless "girl racer" on the roads.

She said: "My main memory is just the independence I had because I did not have to ask anyone for a lift anymore."

Wearing a light seventies-style floral dress, red knee high boots and a chunky bracelet, Nell said she still drives a Fiesta.

"I have a super-duper high tech model now," she said. "It is quite posh, actually. You think you have to have a fancy car to get all the swanky features, but you don't."

She said her zippy two door Fiesta suited her busy lifestyle.

Nell said: "I live in Yorkshire, but I basically live out of my car. It is really good when you have to find a park, and very handy to shoot around in.

"But I have always been lucky when it comes to cars. My two brothers are mechanics."

She said her boyfriend Paul, who works in property, often borrows her car.

She said: "He often uses it to lug stuff around in. He usually drives a transit van, but he finds it quite handy."

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Nell McAndrew Remembers Ford Fiesta Fun
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